Don't Take My House!

They are trying to use eminent domain to seize homes that are CURRENT on their mortgages?

MRP, a politically-connected venture capital firm from California, recently hatched a plan to make millions by foreclosing on homeowners who are current on their payments. It sounds unbelievable, but its true. However, MRP cannot seize homes on its own, that’s why they are talking to the North Las Vegas City Council and elected officials in your area about using eminent domain to seize and foreclose on homes even in cases where homeowners are current on mortgage payments.

Now they’ve gone too far. Sign the petition to tell your elected officials Don’t Take My House!

Dear City Officials

I am a concerned citizen and I am asking you to vote against the plan proposed by MRP to use eminent domain.

I appreciate your efforts to solve the serious housing problems facing our community, but using eminent domain to seize homes from homeowners even when they are current on their mortgages is not the way and it is an abuse of the public trust.

We deserve better solutions that wont harm citizens, the housing market, or our private property rights. That is why I urge you to oppose MRP’s eminent domain plan.

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